It is at this special time of year that we can reflect on all of the important things; all that has transpired and especially, what we are truly grateful for.

For us, you are at the top of that list.

Thank you for helping My Friend's House continue as a trusted partner in our community and a safe haven for women and children fleeing violence. Because of you, women and families have an opportunity to regroup, rebuild and imagine a future brighter than before.

Our 12-bed shelter, in 26 years of operation, has never been empty. Things are different, though. When we first opened our doors, domestic violence was viewed as a "private family issue" surrounded by silence. It is wonderful that things are changing. People are talking about domestic violence. People are speaking out about their experience. And people like you are standing up and supporting us to continue to be here 24/7 for women and children who truly need us.

On average, we house 200 women and children per year. And we serve 400 women and children through our other programming.

In addition to being a sanctuary, we help women to navigate legal and social service systems, which can be scary to a traumatized person. We help them to bring out the best in their children through specialized play and creative therapy. We positively reinforce the power within them to change their lives and start to dream of a future for themselves. We remind them that the fact that they have endured so much and are here to talk about it is a win in itself.

Some women need support for the rest of their lives. Some don't. Our Outreach Groups and counselors are there to give them a safe place, friendly face and understanding without judgement. For however long they need.

Our Transition program, assists women to find appropriate and affordable housing. Our counselors help our clients to take the reins while they move through hurdles and challenges along the way to autonomy.

Some of our most important work happens with a single phone call. Helping an abused woman to understand and create a safety plan for leaving saves lives. A woman is the most vulnerable when her abuser knows that she is going to leave. Our front-line counselors are available 24/7. You will never get a busy signal and there will always be a person who answers the phone asking, "How can I help".

At this special time of year, please consider giving a donation. You make a significant impact at My Friend's House. Your gift changes and saves lives. We could not do it without you.

In our reflections this year, we are grateful and fortunate to have you with us. Your support helps to provide a home and every day necessities. It lets abused women and children know that their community is behind them. It sparks dreams of changing the future. And helps to empower women to reclaim and rebuild their lives for tomorrow.

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