Does Someone You know Need Help?

Understanding Domestic Violence

It can be difficult to understand why someone would be reluctant to do something about their abusive situation. There are many reasons why women stay. Here is how you can understand and help someone you know who needs help.

Why do women stay in abusive relationships?

Women try to leave an average of six to seven times before making the final move away from an abusive relationship. The reasons why women stay in, or return to, an abusive environment, include:

  • Fear of reprisal.
  • Reluctance to break up the family.
  • Concern about childrens welfare and/or losing custody.
  • Lack of money, job skills and/or opportunities.
  • Concern about pets, property, possessions.
  • Fear of being alone.
  • Cultural, religious beliefs.
  • Pressure from family, friends.
  • Feelings of shame and embarrassment.
  • Believe abusers promises to change.

Why dont more women report cases of assault to the police?

Victims may not report assault for several reasons including:

  • Fear of retaliation.
  • Lack of knowledge about legal rights.
  • Concern that they wont be believed.
  • Belief in abuser;s promises to change.
  • Feelings of intimidation about the criminal justice system.
  • Worries that the police or courts will not adequately protect them.

You Can Help End Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is everyones problem. It hurts. It kills. You can help end the violence against our mothers, daughters, sisters, co-workers and friends. Learn more about the issue by exploring the resources on this website and others. Speak up and start the conversation about domestic violence and its devastating consequences. Raise awareness by encouraging your doctor, lawyer or other service providers to download and distribute My Friend's House Brochure

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