Elvira Kurt Comedy Live Stream

Mar 27, 2020 - Mar 31, 2020

"Laugh Together While Apart"

Please accept our deepest apologies. Even with the great team at Rogers TV and Five Star, they were not able to get "Laugh Together While Apart" loaded to our YouTube link, well into the night. We recognize that this disrupted your evening. The good news is that the video link does work, now! Link to video - "Laugh Together While Apart" We hope you enjoy the show and if you can, please donate!

With the cancelation of fundraising events, My Friend’s House has lost $20,000 in fundraising revenue and we will be short of course fundraising goal to maintain operations.

We know that survivors of gender-based violence are most at-risk of violence in their own homes. We are facing a complicated and unprecedented situation, when “Self-Isolating at Home” is both the primary advice to respond to our current public health crisis, yet the most common location of harassment, violence and lethality for women and children experiencing and or at risk of gender-based violence. Your help is needed now more than ever! Understanding that laughter is good medicine at a time the world could use some relief, Elvira Kurt has offered to continue with her commitment to help My Friend's House! Live Stream - CLICK HERE FOR ELVIRA KURT LIVESTREAM INFORMATION

Stay safe during this trying time!

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