Rockumentaries for My Friends House

Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 22, 2020

Memphis Jones & Liberty Silver perform Rockumentaries to benefit My Friendís House

February 21-22,2020 in Collingwood

Collingwood, Ontario:

Brock Live Eventsin cooperation with 95.1 The Peak FM are hosting a weekend of rockumentaries at Living Water Resorts on February 21st and 22nd, 2020 on behalf of My Friends House.The weekend will feature a separate unique music history rockumentary each night featuring the always enjoyable Memphis Jones, straight from Memphis, Tennessee. Friday night will feature Juno winning Liberty Silver followed by Memphisís Rockumentary. Saturday night will feature up a coming artist Chantal Preston performing her original material followed by Memphis Jones new debut rockumentary for the British Invasion.

Memphis Jonesis a true family man and a pastor/family man first, music historian second, musician third. Coming from the graces of Memphis music riches, the stories told over the performance add a unique perspective to many great songs loved by many. Memphis has traveled the world telling stories and playing guitar. He has been featured at B.B Kings on Beale Street in Memphis for many years. As well Memphis has been the face of The Collingwood Elvis Festival as the VIP Emcee.

The legendary Liberty Silver was the first Black woman in Canada to receive a Juno Award in 1985, not to mention receiving an additional Juno the same night! Liberty Silver, the Grammy winner and two-time Juno Award winner shaped the foundation of R&B/soul for an entire generation of black female singers in Canada! From the basement mini-concerts as a young girl to opening up for Bob Marley at the Madison Square Garden, Liberty Silver has been singing around the world and touching lives by her musical stanzaÖ Liberty has opened for: U.S. President Barack Obama, Bob Marley & BB King to name a few.

My Friendís House is a safe haven for women located in Collingwood, On. They offer support in such areas including an emergency shelter, 24 hr hotline, counselling and support programs. They have been in existence since 1991. Their mission is to create a safe haven today and empowering them to reclaim and rebuild their lives tomorrow.

Rockumentary tickets for the weekend are $100 each plus tax and fees; includes a $25.00 tax receipt, one show each day (Friday Saturday) and a luxury buffet dinner before the show on Saturday February 22nd at 6 p.m. prepared by Living Water Resorts. A separate ticket is available for Friday Feb 21st at a cost of $30 plus tax and fee. Tickets available at http://www.rockumentariesformyfriendshouse.eventbr...

or in person at Appeal Boutique 202 Hurontario Street, Collingwood. .

For any inquiries please reach out to:

Mitch Brock

Brock Live Events


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