Run Collingwood Half Marathon & 10km

Oct 05, 2019

Collingwood Half Marathon Route

funThe Collingwood Half Marathon is a scenic, 21.1 kilometre race in the heart of the Georgian Triangle. The route begins at Fisher Field in Collingwood and runs across Sixth Street and down Collingwood's "main street". After turning onto Ontario Street, and towards the east end of town, the race heads for the open countryside via Raglan street, Ron Emo Road, Sandford Fleming Blvd. and 6th line. After a turn to the west on Poplar Side Road, runners are presented with a spectacular view of the Niagara Escarpment in the distance. Before the 16-kilometre marker the only short, gentle uphill of the race begins. At the 17-kilometre marker, runners turn north onto Osler Bluff Road to follow the base of the Osler Bluff ski hill with very gentle rolling pavement that begins to descend to the 18-kilometre marker. After a long downhill, the race turns east on Sixth Street towards the finish at Bygone Days Heritage Village, a segment that is downhill.

In the Collingwood Half Marathon you get to experience the best of the historic town of Collingwood and the open countryside surrounding the Town. The autumn colours and crisp fresh air will propel you quickly on this fast, mostly downhill course.

The course is surveyed and accredited with Athletics Canada Certificate # ON-2013-108-BDC.

The course is also accredited with Athletics Ontario: Accreditation class AAA - 201710015.

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