Empowered women. Transformed communities.


To be a trusted partner in a supportive community, providing our expertise to create a safe haven for women today and empowering them to reclaim and rebuild their lives tomorrow.


Our work is rooted in the values of:

Fearlessness – We are courageous and do not give fear the power to silence or stop us.

Respect – We acknowledge the dignity, significance, and humanity of each other.

Integrity – We conduct ourselves ethically and with a high level of accountability and transparency.

Excellence – We commit to a high standard of service, with women and children’s safety at the forefront.

Non-judgment – We value, support, and respect the individual choices made by informed and empowered women.

Diversity – We see and celebrate the value in ourselves and others.

Service – We have empathy and compassion for those we serve, coupled with the desire to meet their needs.

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